Darkness Falls: Dracengard Books Five and Six



This is a compilation of Dracengard Book Five and Book Six and includes the exciting conclusion to Christopher Vale’s epic series Dracengard. To start at the beginning of the series please read Rise of the Wizard: Dracengard Books One and Two, also by Christopher Vale.

The self-proclaimed Empress has fled north from Avonvale to join her army of drakmere as Terrwyn and the nephilim continue to train with the dragons at Dracengard. The coming war between the forces of light and darkness will shake the Middle Realm to the core and alter the Three Realms forever.

Praise for Dracengard:
“…a brilliantly written fictional story of an unknown world.” OnlineBookClub.org

“What a great book…this author brings us a completely different new world, full of adventures, monsters, betrayals, plots and counter-plots, sacrifices, all the good ingredients to make this book an instant success. With characters well developed, it is a very pleasant reading that will keep you entertained for hours.” Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos



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