Vale’s Superhero Universe

Christopher Vale’s Superhero Universe! In Chronological Order:


Blitzkrieg: Origins of the Prime— As the Second World War draws to a close, American agents realize that Nazi attempts to create a super race have been successful. Fearful that the Soviets will create their own super soldiers, the U.S. secrets these genetically enhanced children out of Germany and into a special government program.  Twenty years later, when the United States and Soviet Union discover long forgotten Nazi secrets in the jungles of Vietnam, the race is on to secure the greatest power the world has ever known. The introduction of genetically enhanced super agents leads to a Cold War era superhero spy thriller that will leave you breathless!


Blitzkrieg: Flight of the Valkyrie— Following the events in Blitzkrieg: Origins of the Prime, our team of superheroes discovers that the Nazis have not gone quietly into the dustbin of history. When a mysterious Nazi weapon known as “The Bell” is discovered in rural Pennsylvania, our heroes embark on a new adventure that will take them to the ends of the earth. Team Blitzkrieg must once again fight the Soviet agents Hammer and Sickle and struggle to overcome the ghosts of their past to save the world from a mad scientist hellbent on its destruction.


Blitzkrieg: The International– This is the THIRD and FINAL book in the Blitzkrieg trilogy. Following the events of Blitzkrieg: Flight of the Valkyrie.  As the team searches for answers to their questions regarding International Nazi Cabal, they discover a conspiracy that is far larger and much more dangerous than they ever imagined.


The Zomtastic Six— In 1982 a terrible experiment with U.S. Military personnel went horribly wrong.  Thirteen years later the world is threatened by a mad scientist threatening to induce a Zombie Apocalypse.  Set in the same universe as Christopher Vale’s superhero spy series Blitzkrieg, The Zomtastic Six is an action packed zombie superhero novella that will take you across decades and transport you to other side of the globe as six heroes attempt to save a world that betrayed them.

Guardian Angel–(Coming Soon)

This is the first book of the new slate of superheroes.  Set in present day, Guardian Angel follows the story of a young man as he comes to grips with his super powers while attempting to save his twin sister from a sinister organization that is determined to rule the world.



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