Buy a book and help empower Veterans!


As most of you know I am a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.  Yep, that’s a pic of a much younger Chris playing with his cannon, in Gitmo, Cuba, during the late 90s.

I have had multiple friends and family members wounded during combat and those who have suffered from PTSD and even attempted suicide.  When a social media friend of mine mentioned a war buddy of his that committed suicide recently he asked that we all support 22Kill, a wonderful organization that empowers veterans to help them get back into society.  I had thought of just making a donation, but then I decided, why not do something more creative.

Today, October 10, I have published my epic fantasy series Dracengard in it’s entirety as a single set for one low price of just $4.99 (buying all 6 of the books individually would cost $17.94).  Titling the set “Dragon’s Keep: The Complete Dracengard Series” it includes ALL six books.

To help my fellow veterans in need, I am going to donate ALL (100%) of MY profits* from EVERY sale of “Dragon’s Keep” made during its first week (Monday 10/10 thru Sunday 10/16) to 22Kill!   It’s a great deal.  You get a set of six books for a low price AND help those who sacrificed so much for all of us.

I’d love to donate $1,000 dollars to 22Kill!  That will require selling 285* copies!!!  So please help spread the word!  I will let everyone know via social media how we did!  Thank you for your help!  You can click here to purchase Dragon’s Keep.

For various reasons, “Dragon’s Keep” is currently only sold as a Kindle ebook through Amazon.  If you don’t have a Kindle, that’s ok.  You can download the Kindle app for FREE to pretty much any smart phone, smart device or even your computer.  There is a link to do that on the “Dragon’s Keep” Amazon page.  If you have not discovered the wonderful world of ebooks this is a great time to start!!!

Semper Fi,

Chris Vale


*Since Amazon keeps 30% from each book sold, “my profits” will come to $3.50 per book (70% of $4.99) sold from 10/10/2016 through 10/16/2016 that will be donated to 22Kill.


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