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As most of you know I am a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.  Yep, that’s a pic of a much younger Chris playing with his cannon, in Gitmo, Cuba, during the late 90s.

I have had multiple friends and family members wounded during combat and those who have suffered from PTSD and even attempted suicide.  When a social media friend of mine mentioned a war buddy of his that committed suicide recently he asked that we all support 22Kill, a wonderful organization that empowers veterans to help them get back into society.  I had thought of just making a donation, but then I decided, why not do something more creative.

Today, October 10, I have published my epic fantasy series Dracengard in it’s entirety as a single set for one low price of just $4.99 (buying all 6 of the books individually would cost $17.94).  Titling the set “Dragon’s Keep: The Complete Dracengard Series” it includes ALL six books.

To help my fellow veterans in need, I am going to donate ALL (100%) of MY profits* from EVERY sale of “Dragon’s Keep” made during its first week (Monday 10/10 thru Sunday 10/16) to 22Kill!   It’s a great deal.  You get a set of six books for a low price AND help those who sacrificed so much for all of us.

I’d love to donate $1,000 dollars to 22Kill!  That will require selling 285* copies!!!  So please help spread the word!  I will let everyone know via social media how we did!  Thank you for your help!  You can click here to purchase Dragon’s Keep.

For various reasons, “Dragon’s Keep” is currently only sold as a Kindle ebook through Amazon.  If you don’t have a Kindle, that’s ok.  You can download the Kindle app for FREE to pretty much any smart phone, smart device or even your computer.  There is a link to do that on the “Dragon’s Keep” Amazon page.  If you have not discovered the wonderful world of ebooks this is a great time to start!!!

Semper Fi,

Chris Vale


*Since Amazon keeps 30% from each book sold, “my profits” will come to $3.50 per book (70% of $4.99) sold from 10/10/2016 through 10/16/2016 that will be donated to 22Kill.



FREE Download: Ashleen & the Pirates


This FREE Download is a prequel to Christopher Vale’s epic fantasy series Dracengard!  If you have not read Dracengard 3 there may be some SPOILERS!

When Princess Ashleen and her mother are kidnapped by pirates, a young captain and his brave crew are sent to rescue them!

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Dragon’s Keep: The Complete Dracengard Series


This set includes ALL SIX books in Christopher Vale’s epic fantasy series Dracengard for one LOW price.  BUY NOW

“…a brilliantly written fictional story of an unknown world.”

“What a great book…this author brings us a completely different new world, full of adventures, monsters, betrayals, plots and counter-plots, sacrifices, all the good ingredients to make this book an instant success. With characters well developed, it is a very pleasant reading that will keep you entertained for hours.” Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos

It has been over a thousand years since the last Realm War, when the angelic seraph and their dragon allies banished the demonic shedom back to the Realm of Darkness. Now a new evil threatens the Middle Realm as a self-proclaimed wizard and a mysterious black knight lead an army of humanoid lizards against the kingdoms of man.
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The Zomtastic Six-Get a FREE Copy


In 1982 a terrible experiment with U.S. Military personnel went horribly wrong.  Thirteen years later the world is threatened by a mad scientist threatening to induce a Zombie Apocalypse.

Set in the same universe as Christopher Vale’s superhero spy series Blitzkrieg, The Zomtastic Six is an action packed zombie superhero novella that will take you across decades and transport you to other side of the world as six heroes attempt to save a world that betrayed them.

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My Superhero Universe

I have created a whole new superhero universe starting with Blitzkrieg: Origins of the Prime.  The action continues in Blitzkrieg: Flight of the Valkyrie and will conclude in Blitzkrieg: The International.

From there I will move into solo superhero stories in modern time starting with Savior and The Catamount.  The solo heroes will team up in a new story Eclipse: Rise of the Prime.

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Blitzkrieg: Origins of the Prime


As the Second World War draws to a close, American agents realize that Nazi attempts to create a super race have been successful. Fearful that the Soviets will create their own super soldiers, the U.S. secrets these genetically enhanced children out of Germany and into a special government program.


When the United States and Soviet Union discover long forgotten Nazi secrets in the jungles of Vietnam, the race is on to secure the greatest power the world has ever known. The introduction of genetically enhanced super agents leads to a Cold War era superhero spy thriller that will leave you breathless!


ECLIPSE-Rise of the Prime


The saga of the prime takes you from the events of the Blitzkrieg trilogy in the 1940s and 1960s to the present day.  Following decades of research and experimentation, a new generation of superheroes must battle the forces of evil.  The world must come to grips with the fact that genetically engineered super humans live among them, while the prime come face to face with the dark realities of their own genesis.


Blitzkrieg: The International

This third and final installment of the Blitzkrieg Trilogy is coming soon!

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